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What does the Glass Leaf Hurricane Vase Bring to a Room?

What does the Glass Leaf Hurricane Vase Bring to a Room?

By Zachary Greaves

I popped into Furnish and Fettle looking for something that would stand out as a centrepiece in our dining room. The room in question is small and minimalist, with an original 19th-Century stone fireplace, brown leather armchairs and a modern sideboard and dining table. The colour scheme is off-white.

I was hoping to find an item with a bold yet refined feel to it, whilst also being modern and classy – a challenging brief.

Browsing Furnish and Fettle’s Harrogate showroom is always a journey of fresh inspiration and discovery; this particular visit was to be no exception. The ‘Glass Leaf Hurricane Vase / Lamp’ grabbed my attention immediately. Although it is described as a storm candle, I saw the potential for it to be used as a more versatile decorative object.

I was struck by the playful use of translucence and transparency through the Fern patterning; this brings visual interest which is intensified in different light conditions. Similarly, a flickering candle within will project dancing shapes on the walls of a room.

However, I immediately viewed the item as a vase, and could envisage it at the centre of our dining table, filled with green flora (including ferns of course!). And so the purchase was made.

On the way home I visited my local florists to buy some greenery, and then harvested fern fronds from the garden. As I lifted the vase from the bag and unwrapped it, it became apparent that my idea would come to life as I had expected it to.

The vase is perfect as a ‘centrepiece’ because it supports tall fronds and enables eye-catching height to be introduced to any room. The height also allows a wide ‘spread’ – lots of different elements can co-exist and stand out in their own right.

The bottle green colour of the vase is bold yet refined. It is a perfect blend of the classic and modern. Whilst it suits a room with a neutral colour scheme, it also holds its own in busier rooms with bolder designs. This all makes it an incredibly versatile room feature – along with the fact it is actually designed to be a candle holder!

Filled with greenery, the vase was the first thing people noticed when entering the room – the reaction? ’Wow!’ – every time!

Peonies were next to be arranged in the vase, and the introduction of pastel colours works perfectly – the vase blends with the colour of the stems, and shows off the flowers as they bloom. A stunning, living piece.

I am most impressed by the versatility of this stunning decorative feature. It displays its contents beautifully, and creates a striking talking-point to any room.

What I like most about the Glass Leaf Hurricane Vase is that your own creativity can be displayed within it – and so the possibilities are only limited by your imagination.

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  • Sue Miller
    2 years ago

    Looks very classy Zachary…you obviously have an eye for this…

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