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Interior Design Shops Harrogate Wetherby


Heather Hall
Interior Designer Pocklington

Kathryn Williamson
Kathryn Williamson - Interior Designer (Pocklington)

Dougal Doggins
Dougal Doggins - Head of Welcoming & a very poor Head of Security!

Lucy Dufton Interior Designer Wetherby
Lucy Dufton
Lucy Dufton - Interior Designer (Wetherby)

Shaun Sutton Interior Design Warehouse Yorkshire
Shaun Sutton
Shaun Sutton - Warehouse (Wetherby)

furnish & fettle interior design company Harrogate Wetherby
Glyn & Eleanor Goddard
Glyn & Eleanor Goddard - Furnish & Fettle Owners (Wetherby & Harrogate)

Leona Connelly Interior Design Assistant Wetherby & Harrogate
Leona Connelly
Leona Connelly - Interior Design Assistant (Wetherby & Harrogate)

Ian Beal Installations Manaager
Ian Beal
Ian Beal - Installations (Wetherby, Harrogate & Pocklington

Katie Hirst Interior Design Company Wetherby Harrogate
Katie Hirst
Katie Hirst – Project Co-ordinator & Administrator (Wetherby)

Adam Hickinbottom - Interior Design Company Showroom Manager Harrogate
Adam Hickinbottom
Adam Hickinbottom - Senior Interior Design Assistant (Wetherby)

Paccelli Sowerby
Paccelli Sowerby - Interior Design Intern (Wetherby & Harrogate)

Helen Mackay Interior Designer Harrogate
Helen Mackay
Helen Mackay - Interior Designer (Harrogate)

Janet Sandles - Interior Designer Harrogate
Janet Sandles
Janet Sandles - Interior Designer (Harrogate)