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Eleanor From Furnish & Fettle Appears on The Next 100 Days Podcast

Furnish & Fettle Co- Owner Eleanor Goddard Guests on The Next 100 Days Business Podcast

Eleanor Goddard owner of Furnish & Fettle made a guest appearance on ‘The Next 100 Days Podcast’ episode 166. The podcast is a UK based business show hosted by Graham Arrowsmith & Kevin Appleby where they bring on guest entrepreneurs to talk about their business and tactics that have helped them succeed in the modern-day competitive environment.

During the podcast Eleanor talked with the hosts about why she left the corporate world to open Furnish & Fettle, buying the business, inheriting staff, building the brand, the importance of social media and most importantly what does Fettle mean?

What Does Fettle Mean?

One of the first questions that Eleanor was asked was what does fettle mean? The meaning of fettle is to trim or clean rough edges or in northern English it means to make or repair something.

Eleanor responded the question by saying ‘I loved the fact that it had this sort of Yorkshireness about it to fettle to me has always been something to tinker with things, make them look nice and add the finishing touches onto things’. This is just one of the reasons we thought that it was perfect for our branding.

Leaving the Corporate World

Eleanor admitted that she wouldn’t have ever left the corporate world voluntarily because there are many benefits to this including having a regular salary that can add a level of safety to your life. After developing rheumatoid arthritis following the birth of her daughter, she left the corporate world.

When she spent more time at home Eleanor went to sewing classes and set up a home business creating curtains and blinds. Over time the appeal of this small home business wore off and around this time Eleanor’s husband and co-owner of Furnish & Fettle Glyn was also growing tired of the corporate world and in his words he was ‘heading for his first heart attack’ so they both decided to start their business together.

Buying a Business

When Eleanor and Glyn wanted to start their business, they looked at buying a business and came across a business called James Brindley that they fell in love with that ticked all the boxes for the two of them. Eleanor went on to tell the hosts that ‘It was a moment almost like you had found a house you know you want to live in’. This business would eventually become Furnish & Fettle.

Building a New Brand

Once the new business was acquired Eleanor and Glyn had to create a new brand as the option to take the name and the branding from the business that they had bought was not there. They had landed on the branding of Furnish & Fettle as it meant that they could have a strong identity as a local brand in Wetherby and eventually Harrogate later on. This branding choice was also important as it made sure that people still knew that the expertise and the staff from the pervious business was still around so it was a brand that they could instantly trust.

The Importance of Social Media

Eleanor said in the podcast that social media was really important. With half of the overall leads coming from social media with visual posts on platforms like Instagram that are very eye catching, even getting late night requests when someone sees a piece such as a lamp that they fall in love with. We are now gearing up to open up a transactional website so that we can blend both online and offline business.

Listen to the full podcast here

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