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Bespoke – the way to add the WOW factor to your interiors

Bespoke – the way to add the WOW factor to your interiors

By Leona Connelly

Our job as Interior Designers is to make our clients homes stand out from the crowd not just to re-create a high street interiors scheme which, while pleasant enough, can lack individuality and quite frankly the “WOW factor”.  One of the ways that we can achieve something special is to put our design skills to work to create something totally bespoke be it cabinetry for the kitchen, fitted wardrobes and soft furnishings or upholstery for bedrooms or statement furniture pieces for the dining and living areas.  With an extensive pattern library featuring literally thousands of  designer fabrics and wallpapers & shelves full of catalogues & swatches featuring all the finishes we are never short of inspiration or resources to draw upon!  But where to start?  Well that’s our job to help you!  Here are a few ideas:


Bespoke Soft Furnishings (Curtains, Blinds, Cushions)


Bespoke Curtains Made To Measure Wetherby Harrogate


Most windows will need dressing in some form or another whether it is to add to the aesthetic or for purely practical reasons.  Cheaper ready made solutions might solve the problem at one level, but for those looking for a more polished look bespoke is the only way to go!  When going down the bespoke route not only do you ensure a perfect fit, but the choice is also far wider, meaning that the chances of your neighbors having the same curtains as you is very slim indeed!  As for cushions, our mantra at Furnish & Fettle is that you can never have too many.  If you fall in love with that fabulous fabric with a price tag to match having some bespoke cushions made from it can be a cost effective solution to incorporating it into a scheme meaning that your budget is working harder for you while still getting that overall stunning effect.


Upholstered Headboards


Upholstered headboards really appear to be standing the test of time and we have created some stunning ones for our clients. This is a great way to inject some colour, texture and or pattern into a room creating a striking focal point. Not only that but sumptuous upholstery is a really comfortable solution for a luxury bedroom scheme.

Bathroom cabinetry

Bathrooms are a space where we always need more storage and that is where bespoke cabinetry can really come into its own. A vanity unit  is always timeless and can be made as contemporary or as classic as you wish. Finish that with some striking hardware and you can create a bathing sanctuary that is truly individual and practical.



Although we have lots of stunning footstools in our showroom sometimes our clients need something that is more specific to an existing scheme or something as a starting point to a new scheme. This is where the bespoke option really works, A footstool is something that doesn’t usually require too much fabric so you can perhaps go all out and choose something that might not be quite so cost effective on a sofa for example. It’s also a fab way of adding something a little more adventurous as it’s not a large project. This concept also works well with chairs as an individual piece can really add impact.

Bespoke bar


Something that we are starting to see more enquires about is the bespoke bar/cocktail cabinet option. Now, before you panic we are not suggesting we all add a retro bar into the corner of our living rooms circa 1970: It’s more a subtle piece of cabinetry that is a stylish but useful addition to our homes. This is where the bespoke option is really useful as we can make something to fit even the smallest or quirky of  spaces and make it serve a purpose….Pineapple ice bucket anyone?



As always we are here to guide you through the process of choosing something bespoke for your home. From a cushion to a kitchen we are always delighted to help inspire you to make your home amazing – book an appointment online now to come in and discuss your project with us.

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