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Glyn & Eleanor Goddard

(Glyn & Eleanor Goddard - Furnish & Fettle Owners (Wetherby & Harrogate))
furnish & fettle interior design company Harrogate Wetherby

Glyn & Eleanor Goddard

Glyn & Eleanor have been together since student days and have two children, Ollie, almost a teenager & Hattie, 11 going on 21.

Both had successful corporate careers, Glyn in FMCG and Eleanor in Medical Devices, before deciding that enough was enough and it was time to escape the rat race and paddle their own canoe.

Alongside their careers Glyn & Eleanor had enjoyed being involved in property development, and Eleanor had always had a passion from interior design which she thinks stems from her Saturday job in Laura in Ashley in the early 1990s.

When they had the opportunity to buy the James Brindley business it felt like a perfect fit. An experienced team were in place to keep the day job going, giving Glyn and Eleanor the opportunity to work on growing the business.